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An Exploration of Textures

We don’t get up to Johannesburg very often, so Rita & I are taking the opportunity to introduce 2 personal projects at much the same time and place at NCW in Melville Johannesburg on Wednesday 11 April.
Eco printed silk scarves by Rita Trafford
Rita’s latest collection of Eco printed silk scarves will be available to view and purchase anytime between 15.00 and 18.00 at the beautiful new NCW restaurant. We will be serving some De Trafford Chenin Blanc 2016 and the yet to be released 2017 both of which feature images of the scarves on the labels.

Each scarf is a unique on one-of-a-kind and Rita will explain the beautiful process in creating them. Take a peak at her website with the current collection.

There is no charge to attend but please RSVP by replying to this mail so we have an idea of how many guests to expect.

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Unveiling Sijnn Free Reign 1st Edition
We’ve planned a very special dinner to celebrate the release of a new wine. I don’t want to give away too much about the wine but we’ll be tasting two iconic wines of its type as an introduction: Vega Sicilia Especial in the current release and an older vintage.

Now that Charla is at the helm, and doing a terrific job of it, I wanted to create something to showcase the potential of Malgas without interfering with the current wines. Free Reign is a multi-vintage blend of what I considered the best barrels of each vintage, progressively building up to something special over the years. I specifically purchased a 900L barrel for the final blend which was bottled a few years ago.

We will showcase this together with a few other Sijnn and De Trafford wines to create a delicious food & wine evening woven around the theme of textures. 18.30 Start, R1250 per person and limited to 24 people. Please book directly with zane@grapeslave.com

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