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New vintage releases

Great wines need time. Imagine a producer who instead of spending money on fancy equipment, entrance gates, paved roads and landscaping, chose to invest in wine time. That’s what we are aiming for… We’ve found that our Sijnn wines really need time and the challenge is to split the patience between ourselves & our customers!

Very few things at Sijnn follow convention, so we’re doing something out of the ordinary with our next release. We decided to release the Sijnn Red 2012 ahead of the Sijnn Red 2011 which is developing really slowly. The 2012 vintage is drinking really well now, though it will still benefit from a few years. You can read the detailed tasting notes here.

Now that our vineyards are getting more mature, and our first wine (2007) is nearly 10 years old, we have something of a mini track record. Looking back at the development of the wines over time is helping us shape our exciting Red. This is the pride of our efforts, convincing some skeptics that perhaps we were not that mad planting in Malgas!

We’ve been Jancis Robinson’s ‘Wine of the Week’ twice and receive consistent high scores from James Molesworth of the Wine Spectator (93) as well as Tim Atkin (93) which are encouraging endorsements for our team’s hard work over the last 10 years.


The Sijnn White from the exciting 2015 vintage lives up to the hype. A powerful, yet elegant wine and our first vintage entirely produced in our new cellar under the guidance of our talented winemaker Charla Haasbroek. She seems to have extracted a little more mineral, salty fennel characters and we’re starting to see a closer link between the White and Red reflecting the Malgas terroir. Tasting notes are available online here.

We are quite excited about this greater definition and finesse of our unique site-specific wines. We also find it frustrates wine critics who struggle to assess our wines without an international or local benchmark to compare them to. Rather than deter us this helps us realise more than ever that we’re on the right track! Great wines not only need time to develop, they need time to achieve proper recognition – maybe even a few decades…

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