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RSG ‘Reis sonder grense’ visits Sijnn

Johan Rademan from RSG radio visited us at Sijnn and interviewed Elizabeth, Harry and Magrieta.

Elizabeth explained the name ‘Sijnn’ and how she found herself at Sijnn. She suggests enjoying the Sijnn 2010 with a good seafood potjie.
Harry introduced Johan to the cellar and our traditional winemaking techniques. He also explained why we farm as mainly dry land and why we have such low yields.
Magrieta was last to be interviewed and took Johan through the vineyard. She explained how we work in these extreme rocky soils and how the vineyards are treated.

You can listen to the podcast, in Afrikaans here.

It is heartwarming to hear our staff, currently planting vineyard and working extremely hard, being so positive and having a real passion for what we are doing. Well done team!


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