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David Trafford
David Trafford

Winemaker & Shareholder

When David and his wife Rita Trafford visited the Malgas region for the first time in 2000, they were blown away with the incredible soils specifically in the Lemoentuin area and immediately set about finding a suitable property to purchase.

“…understanding and working with the vineyard to coax something magical from the land, after that it’s hold thumbs you don’t cock it up in the cellar.””I never chose winemaking as a profession – it was thrust upon me. I chose Architecture as a profession, but live on land with such great vineyard potential, it was impossible not to get involved in the wine business.”

A working knowledge of winemaking gleaned from local winemakers, a vintage spent at St Emilion and David’s own practical experience has ensured a small but steady flow of wines of increasing sophistication.

With an acute appreciation of nature and sense of time and place, David is also disarmingly shy, humorous, and honest. When not making wine he goes to physio to repair his back, he walks in the mountains, jogs, swims, plays tennis, squash and golf.


Charla Haasbroek

Assistant Winemaker

Charla joined our team in December 2014 as Assistant Winemaker. She qualified in 2012 at the University of Stellenbosch and has worked harvests at Kanonkop and Tokara and managed the wine shop at Die Oude Bakerij in Stellenbosch, before working a harvest at Margerum in California.

Harry and Elizabeth

Harry & Elizabeth Pietersen

Maitrê de Chais & Tasting room manager

Harry and his wife Elizabeth joined the team in 2010. As well as helping in the vineyards, Elizabeth runs the tasting room every Saturday from 10am – 3pm and Harry manages the daily running of the cellar.

Julie Loff and Team
Julie  & Magrieta Loff

Vineyard Manager

Julie and his wife Magrieta and family moved from Graham Beck, Robertson at the outset of the project, managing and attending to all the work on the farm together with Harry and Elizabeth.

They ably manage all aspects of the vineyard work and development with the direction of David Trafford.

Xenia van der Meulen

Office Manager

Xenia joined the team a few years ago and is the one holding down the fort. She does the accounts, exports, orders, assists with the marketing and always knows what’s going on, whether it be on the road, in the cellar and office.


Simon Farr

Simon Farr

Simon started his involvement in wine in the vineyards of Bordeaux in 1973, followed by working in the London wine trade and in a winery in California.
In 1982 Simon founded Bibendum Wine Limited which has grown over the years into the largest independent wine merchant in the UK.

Simon met David & Rita the day before their wedding and Bibendum became their importer for de Trafford in the UK.

Quentin Hurt

Quentin Hurt

Quentin’s interest in wine brought him into contact with David in the mid-nineties.

When a share became available in the Malgas venture in 2009, he seized the opportunity.

The quality of the wines, the challenge of the new venture and David’s and Simon’s track record attracted him and Alison to the project.

In the last year, he has enjoyed getting more involved in aspects of the Sijnn project, including the impact assessment for the winery, the biodiversity and IPW accreditation and researching the solar energy aspects for the farm and cellar.

He hopes to continue to contribute to improving the environmental performance of the farm and winery operations while enjoying its produce, too.