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Postal address:
021 880 1398
PO Box 495, Stellenbosch, 7599


Directions to the winery: from Cape Town

  • From Cape Town take the N2 towards Swellendam.
  • About 4km before Swellendam (and about 1km before the N2 crosses the Breede River) turn right onto the Malagas / Cape Infanta (dirt) road.
  • Don’t turn left or right until you get to “The Trading Post”, a small shop / general dealer on the right.
  • Continue 200m past The Trading Post and turn left (Sijnn Winery sign). Continue about 3km and turn right at a fork in the road. (Another Sijnn Winery sign here)
  • Continue for about ½km until you see a low stone wall and the entrance to Sijnn Winery on your right.
  • Open gate, if necessary, and go left to the cellar.

Directions to the winery: from Witsand

  • From Witsand take the road to Malgas.
  • Cross the hand-drawn pontoon.
  • Continue on the tar road that becomes gravel until you reach a T-junction.
  • Turn left, continue 300m and turn left again.
  • Follw the signage from here to Sijnn, about 3km away.